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Friday, February 24, 2017

Bee - Tanja

Hi there,

it's Tanja here and I would like to show you this love and rainbow card. I colored the image with Delta, Copic and Touch Twin Brush Markers and I created a background with Ink Blending and Stamping to match the Love Theme.

For more information on the creation of this Card visit my Blog Little Art Cottage.

You'll find Bee and so many other wonderful images including Monthly Specials and Freebies in the A Day for Daisies Shop.

Make sure to join our last Challenge "Anything goes" right here on the ADFD Blog.

Have a day for daisies.



  1. So adorable, Tanja! Love the background and the way your bee pops off the page!

  2. So CUTE, I have bee and never thought to color him anything but black and yellow! This is ADORABLE

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